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I Put Breast Implants and the Breasts have Hardened...

by Dr. Luis Carlos Moreno A.

Some patients who have had breast implants placed may, over time, present a hardening of the breast and changes in shape. .. continue here 


Hand Rejuvenation 

"Don't Reveal Your Age"

by Dr. Luis Carlos Moreno A.

The different rejuvenation procedures manage to return the youthful appearance to the patients, however it was limited since it was not possible to  .. continue here 

Riesgos de Mala Aplicación del Botox

Bad Risks

Botox application

by Dr. Luis Carlos Moreno A.

It is a neurotoxic protein (which damages the nerves of the muscles) that is produced by the bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium that causes ... continue here 

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