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I  I put Breast Implants and the Breasts have Hardened…. WHY?

by Doctor Luis Carlos Moreno A.

Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive

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Some patients who have had breast implants placed may, over time, present a hardening of the breast and changes in shape.  Here we will briefly explain why.

When a breast implant is placed, the body creates a very thin membrane that surrounds the implant, as a mechanism to isolate it. This small membrane (Fig.1) is called the mammary capsule. Under normal conditions, this mammary capsule is thin, smooth, and the breast feels smooth and round in shape.


In some patients, bacteria from their own body, which can contaminate it during implant placement, or after surgery,  In the event of a severe infection, the bacteria can spread in the blood (bacteremia) and reach the location of the breast implant and its capsule. When this occurs, a condition known as biofilm develops on the implant.  This biofilm, over time, or in the face of a drop in the patient's defenses, can be activated and begin to inflame and thicken the capsule, which can harden the breast and progressively advance in hardening, producing a change in the shape of the breast. breast, symptoms of pain or discomfort until they can reach a very severe hardening, which causes an almost permanent picture of pain in the affected breast.


This hardening is what is known as capsular contracture, and its degree of severity is classified in grades, from I to IV.  (Fig.2)

Once this alteration occurs, you should consult your doctor, since it requires treatment.

capsula 1.jpg

figure 1

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figure 2

Remember, the way to have a much lower risk of presenting complications from your cosmetic surgery is to attend to a qualified professional and with the professional suitability of Plastic Surgery.

Check the website of the Panamanian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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